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Our Story

Founded in 1962, our company has served the air, gas, and liquid filtration needs of the industrial marketplace for over 55 years. As a family owned business, we began by serving the Upstate New York region, and like many distributors during this time, we travelled from company to company to cultivate relationships with our customers, competing with other distributors based on exclusive territories.

As our company has evolved, we have set ourselves apart from the competition, embracing innovation and change, knowing that it directly benefits our customers. We have used the opportunities offered by the internet to our advantage; expanding our reach from regional to global, providing our technical expertise and top of the line filtration equipment to customers around the world. Our filtration products are used worldwide by OEM's and end users in virtually every industrial application.

Our History

1962 - Trumpler-Clancy, Inc. Founded

Trumpler-Clancy, Inc. is founded as a small, family-owned business serving the filtration needs of the Upstate New York region.

1980 - Geographic Expansion

In response to the growth of the company, the Syracuse, NY office location expands. The company is now serving customers across New York State.

1998 - Online Store

The company reacts to the invention of the internet, getting ahead of the competition by launching the first version of it's website:

1999 -, Inc. Founded, Inc. becomes the online component and sister company of Trumpler-Clancy, Inc., which is operated as a brick & mortar company.

2004 - Geographic Expansion

Continued growth leads to additional office expansions, this time in Albany, New York.

2017 - Merger & Rebranding

Trumpler-Clancy, Inc. and sister company, Inc. join forces to create an even stronger business with more enhanced product offerings, rebranding to formally operate under one name:, Inc.

2019 - Filter Store Aquisition

Acquisition of The Filter Store, Inc., a Rochester, NY-based filtration distributor.